Benefit of Membership


The European Commission has promulgated three candle production and testing CEN standards that were developed with the involvement of member states over the past three year. These are now in use by British trading standards officers. Do you know what these are? What is your plan to meet future soot testing requirements? Do you use the current DTI-approved candle products labelling system? What technical production advice do you use? How many sales enquiries do you receive?

If you are facing questions like these as a small independent candle manufacturer perhaps you should be looking for some solutions by considering membership of the British Candlemakers’ Federation. The Federation is a non-profit making trade organisation founded by independent candlemakers who manufacture in the United Kingdom. The benefits of membership include:

1. Being kept up-to-date with the development of CEN standards and developing European General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) legislation.

2. A forum for the exchange of technical information and experience.

3. Access to a subsidised soot-testing service.

4. Access to the DTI and CEN/BSI-approved safety labelling and related guidelines developed by the Federation.

5. Access to a sales enquiries conduit. The Federation receives regular sales enquiries which are distributed electronically to all Members.

6. Access to wax, aromatics, dye-stuffs, container and packaging supply chain information and experience of Members and the opportunity to participate to exercise some corporate purchasing influence.

7. Access to national Government as part of the Federation’s corporate and the European authorities via our membership of the European Association.

The BCF usually holds an informal meeting at NEC in the margins of the Spring Fairs. Its annual conference and AGM is held in May each year.